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To further boost up your Cashfiesta earnings, tell your friends and acquaintances about us and get a percentage of their income up to the 8th level. In our referral program you get 15% from your direct referrals' points. The more people you refer, the more money you will make, but remember that Cashfiesta tolerates no spam. For useful tips on how to increase your referral base, visit our Referral Center.

    600 points/hour  
  1st level 90 points/hour  
  2nd level 42 points/hour  
  3rd level 30 points/hour  
  4th level 30 points/hour  
  5th level 30 points/hour  
  6th level 18 points/hour  
  7th level 6 points/hour  
  8th level 6 points/hour  

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