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By signing up for Special Offers you can get thousands of Cashfiesta points and earn extra cash with a guaranteed payrate of $1 per 1,000, thus increasing your Individual Payrate to $1.66, up from $0.01.

You don't need a credit card to sign up for Special Offers that don't explicitly state "credit card required". For proper credit to your account, follow these steps:
Fast Money Offers

  • Log in to your Cashfiesta account;
  • Go to the Special Offers page;
  • Choose an offer;
  • Carefully read the instructions on the page that opens up after you click on the banner;
  • Sign up using the same email you registered with Cashfiesta.
We can credit your account only if your ID is included in the monthly reports from our partners for the Special Offers you've signed up for. Following the above steps is a prerequisite that your ID is included in the reports.

You can go to the Special Offers page from the "Special Offers" button of your FiestaBar™.

Sign up for Special Offers and earn extra cash:
surfing 1. Get more for surfing: $1.66 for 1,000 points
referrals 2. Get more for referrals: $1.66 for 1,000 points
Special Offers 3. Get thousands of Special Offer points in minutes
dollars 4. Get dollars for your points according to a fixed rate

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