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Now there are two ways for Webmasters to make money with Cashfiesta. You can benefit from both of them.

The new way is the Cashfiesta Affiliate Program that gives you $1 for each referred active member or 50% of the Special Offer points of all your referrals, for life.

Affiliate Program

Join for Free Money
Click here to learn more and join the Affiliate Program. You'll receive a username and password that are for the Affiliate Program exclusively. Money you earn from this program go to a separate account and is not connected with money you earn from the referral program, the FiestaBar#8482;, or our Special Offers.

The regular way is the Referral Program, which pays you for referrals up to the EIGHTH LEVEL and thus greatly increases your earnings as a member of the Cashfiesta.com consumer site. You can learn more about it in the Referral Center or in the How It Works section. You can find useful tips on how to increase your referral base on the Referral Tips page.

Click here to take a link code for the Referral Program. Cashfiesta members only.
Click here to learn more and join the new Affiliate Program.

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